Mar 28, 2010

I Love Technology.

I broke down and bought an app called Blogpress for 3 bucks on the app store. So far, so good. At least this one has landscape mode. Much easier to type too. I've gotten so used to texting, that sitting at my keyboard seems foreign to me. Did I mention how much I love my new iPod? If not, I'm sure I will a few dozen more times in the future. :)

14 Years Ago Today....

Tonight is the anniversary of when I took over 107.9 The Edge in Albuquerque for two hours, called the boss a bastard about 200 times, and played death metal. I got fired the next day and ended my career in terrestrial radio. A few years later, I started and never looked back.

I do have audio of that fateful night. Recently, I converted that cassette to digital, and maybe one day I'll release it. But not now. One day I will though.

Onto other things. I just got a new iPod Touch and it rules! I've already downloaded the Live365 app and VomitRadio sounds great on it! Nice large album art too. Puts the blackberry and windows apps to shame. I can't wait until Sprint gets the iPhone. They got about a year and a half before my contract runs out, or I'll jump ship to AT&T.

I even typed this blog on it using the Blogwriter program. One big problem is that they dont have a landscape mode to type and my fat thumbs keep fucking up! Oh well, it's the free version. I'd pay of they'd put landscape. iPods have great spell correction though.

Now maybe I'll blog more. Or maybe not. :)