Oct 21, 2009

Mobile Bloggin' Pt. 6

Yup. The old fashioned way is best for now until a decent app is released for the Blackberry.

Sometimes I get bored of the 140 character restriction of twitter and need to write more. I usually brainfart on twitter @Vomitbag if you feel like following.

I also seem to write more on my phone than I do on my computer. More fun too.

I also just added 'brainfart' to the spellcheck dictionary. It needed to be there. :-)

Mobile Bloggin' Pt. 5

Still trying to find the best way to blog from my Blackberry. I don't like the cellspin because it makes me post there too. I really lead an exciting life, don't I?

Mobile Bloggin' Pt. 4

As much as I love my new Blackberry, I don't know about posting to the Vomitblog from it.
Maybe I'll do updates to it from here, maybe not. I'll probably experiment with other programs. Cellspin is ok, but the poverty and rape ads are depressing.

Mobile bloggin' Pt. 3

Now that I can blog from my phone, I can blog just as much as I normally do (hardly ever). :-)

Mobile bloggin'

Hey, it worked! I take it back. Cellspin doesn't suck too much after all. :-)

Mobile bloggin'

Can't get blogger to work. Cellspin sucks!