Aug 7, 2009

The Not-So-New (But Improved)

I transferred the domain so Blogger is now the official home to and not just a forward. I like it here and it's better than shitty ol' Myspace.

On other news, I got a new computer, so the older one is now the new VomitRadio server! It's running good enough still (bad sectors and all) to run the live broadcasting software on it, and I got a nice cooling fan for it too, so it doesn't blow up or melt whilst cranking out the tunes. No more linux and winamp for awhile, although it's still fun to fuck with sometimes.

I ended up getting a very nice new Gateway laptop with Vista (gulp!) on it. Even though I have a free Windows 7 upgrade coming one of these days, I'll have to admit I gave Vista a bum rap. It's actually not that bad, once I set it up to the way I like it. The built-in voice recognition is pretty sweet too. Makes me feel like Captain Fuckin' Kirk of the Muthafuckin' Enterprise!

I used to be a Sony user, but their new computers stunk. Dell and HP didn't impress me either. After two hours of bugging the shit out of the poor Best Buy employees with my endless questions, and pulling up VomitRadio on all of the laptops (the final test...which one sounded better), the Gateway beat 'em all on every test. Computer problems now solved. One less thing to stress out about.

Now if I can only get my old piece of shit car to work again, or sell it and get a nice new (used) piece of shit car that doesn't break down on me twice in one week, life would be even better.

And if congress can get off their fat-asses and approve free or low-cost health care (and make a certain medicinal herb legal), things will be peachy-keen. Medicare for all sounds like a pretty good and simple plan to me. These fucking overpaid congressional assholes have to make everything so damn complicated.

Oooooohhhh...there I go gettin' all political n' shit. Boring. Blah Blah Blah.

Off onto another tangent. Even though I'm now completely bored of Twitter, you can follow @VomitBlog on there too and it should tweet whenever I post here (so does @VomitRadio ). I also tweet random brainfarts once in awhile at @Vomitbag to all the twitterbots that follow me there. Tweet, Twat, Twit, Twhatever.

Enough rambling on...time for nite nite, or maybe I'll pop on a John Hughes flick. I'm still bummed out that he died. 59 years old...damn! I grew up watching his films in the 80's. The Breakfast Club is still one of my all time favorites ("Show Dick Some Respect!!!"). Maybe I'll watch that or Ferris Bueller ("...Bueller....Bueller"). So many to choose from! Decisions decisions.

Oh yeah...Michael Jackson is still dead, and I still don't miss him one bit.