Apr 24, 2009


You can now listen to VOMITRADIO.COM
on your iPhone!!!!!

(and it's about fucking time too...stupid Apple!)

Go to the iPhone app store and search for Live365.

You can find VOMITRADIO.COM in the 'Extreme Metal', 'Punk', or 'Comedy' categories, since they left the search function off the app to get it to Apple by Xmas (according to Live365's twitter). Oops.

There's a 5-day free trial too!

Suck on that Terrestrial Radio! Another sharp knife in their over-commercialized corporate guts!

On a side note; Isn't it amazing that they came out with a Baby Shaker app pretty quick, but it took months for Apple to approve the Live365 app. What a bunch of fucking tools. I'll stick with Linux.