Apr 23, 2009

New Podcast Available Featuring All New Mexico Bands!

The VomitRadio live stream is now 128k CD Quality, but the podcasts were still at 96k and 64k. This was not acceptable! So I went ahead and produced a new 128k podcast (available at podcast.vomitradio.com). The podcasts from now on will be a half-hour instead of an hour. For the first new podcast, I'm featuring all New Mexico bands (Deceiver, End To End, Cruces Cult, Requiem Mass, Kaotic State, Systemic, Manias, Victimas, and Abaddon). I want to set it apart from the Live365 stream, but not to replace it, which it what seems like the old podcasts were doing, completely distracting attention from the main live stream.

I'm also trying a switch over to Podbean for the podcast hosting mainly because they're free. I like AcidPlanet , which I've been using for a few years now (the old podcasts will be there until the end of April if you still want to download them), but I unfortunately can't fit it into the non-existent budget, even though they lowered the price. So, if you're having trouble downloading the new podcast, then maybe you can help support VomitRadio by buying a shirt, button, sticker, hat, or something from store.vomitradio.com or some other cool stuff from the VomitRadio Amazon store at shop.vomitradio.com. The live stream and server cost me money too, so maybe you can sign up for VIP Membership because it helps pay for server costs, and helps to pay royalties to the bands (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc).

I know you probably won't buy anything, the economy sucks and it doesn't seem to be getting any better either, but it was worth asking. I make NO money from VomitRadio as it is (no, the porn doesn't sell either). It pretty much became an expensive hobby that I'm fighting with my wallet to keep doing.

Thanks for listening to VOMITRADIO.COM!