Apr 23, 2009

The Great VomitRadio PSP Experiment (or 'I Have No Fucking Life')

Damn, I've been experimental lately. First Linux, now my PSP (Playstation Portable, for the uninformed). I don't want to settle for just Shoutcast stations on their internet radio players, I wanted to listen to my Live365 station on my PSP, but there's no official way. They seem to be worried about their iPhone or Blackberry apps more. I have neither (Windows Mobile for me, unfortunately, but at least there's an app for it). And Sony, of course, won't do shit for the PSP either, it's all about the PS3 with them.

Rather than type all this shit out again, you can go to http://vomitradio.com/psp for the info, or just read the copy of what I posted on Live365:


There is a way to listen to a Live365 stream on a Sony PSP, but it's somewhat tricky, but a fun little experiment if you're bored:

- Go to http://pspradio.co.uk in your PSP browser and install the radio player.

- On your computer, launch the Live365 stream into Winamp and get the stream info by right clicking on it in the playlist, and then 'view file info'. There will be a VERY LONG address starting with 'http:...' and ending with '&from=pls'. Copy this address, go to http://tinyurl.com and make a tiny url (so you'll probably want to do this with a free stream, not a VIP stream, to keep your info secure).

- Go into the radio player on your PSP. Click on the 'presets' link on the main page. Now enter this tiny url address you created. Then save it.

Yes, it's kind of a pain, but it was a fun experiment. I listened to my station ( http://vomitradio.com ... in case you were wondering) for about 5 hours last night through my PSP! Worked like a charm...that is until the next morning, when I tried to launch the saved preset and got the standard 'live365 error' message. I guess it logs out after awhile. I need to experiment more...until then, just repeat the winamp/tinyurl process.

Maybe Live365 could develop a simple 'portal' or mobile page with a simple search and javascript stream launch...it doesn't have to be VIP at first. The normal playlist window chokes my PSP's poor little brain. Remember, there is other life on this cyberplanet other than WM, Blackberry, and the dreaded iPhone.