Apr 24, 2009


You can now listen to VOMITRADIO.COM
on your iPhone!!!!!

(and it's about fucking time too...stupid Apple!)

Go to the iPhone app store and search for Live365.

You can find VOMITRADIO.COM in the 'Extreme Metal', 'Punk', or 'Comedy' categories, since they left the search function off the app to get it to Apple by Xmas (according to Live365's twitter). Oops.

There's a 5-day free trial too!

Suck on that Terrestrial Radio! Another sharp knife in their over-commercialized corporate guts!

On a side note; Isn't it amazing that they came out with a Baby Shaker app pretty quick, but it took months for Apple to approve the Live365 app. What a bunch of fucking tools. I'll stick with Linux.

Apr 23, 2009

New Podcast Available Featuring All New Mexico Bands!

The VomitRadio live stream is now 128k CD Quality, but the podcasts were still at 96k and 64k. This was not acceptable! So I went ahead and produced a new 128k podcast (available at podcast.vomitradio.com). The podcasts from now on will be a half-hour instead of an hour. For the first new podcast, I'm featuring all New Mexico bands (Deceiver, End To End, Cruces Cult, Requiem Mass, Kaotic State, Systemic, Manias, Victimas, and Abaddon). I want to set it apart from the Live365 stream, but not to replace it, which it what seems like the old podcasts were doing, completely distracting attention from the main live stream.

I'm also trying a switch over to Podbean for the podcast hosting mainly because they're free. I like AcidPlanet , which I've been using for a few years now (the old podcasts will be there until the end of April if you still want to download them), but I unfortunately can't fit it into the non-existent budget, even though they lowered the price. So, if you're having trouble downloading the new podcast, then maybe you can help support VomitRadio by buying a shirt, button, sticker, hat, or something from store.vomitradio.com or some other cool stuff from the VomitRadio Amazon store at shop.vomitradio.com. The live stream and server cost me money too, so maybe you can sign up for VIP Membership because it helps pay for server costs, and helps to pay royalties to the bands (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc).

I know you probably won't buy anything, the economy sucks and it doesn't seem to be getting any better either, but it was worth asking. I make NO money from VomitRadio as it is (no, the porn doesn't sell either). It pretty much became an expensive hobby that I'm fighting with my wallet to keep doing.

Thanks for listening to VOMITRADIO.COM!

The Great VomitRadio PSP Experiment (or 'I Have No Fucking Life')

Damn, I've been experimental lately. First Linux, now my PSP (Playstation Portable, for the uninformed). I don't want to settle for just Shoutcast stations on their internet radio players, I wanted to listen to my Live365 station on my PSP, but there's no official way. They seem to be worried about their iPhone or Blackberry apps more. I have neither (Windows Mobile for me, unfortunately, but at least there's an app for it). And Sony, of course, won't do shit for the PSP either, it's all about the PS3 with them.

Rather than type all this shit out again, you can go to http://vomitradio.com/psp for the info, or just read the copy of what I posted on Live365:


There is a way to listen to a Live365 stream on a Sony PSP, but it's somewhat tricky, but a fun little experiment if you're bored:

- Go to http://pspradio.co.uk in your PSP browser and install the radio player.

- On your computer, launch the Live365 stream into Winamp and get the stream info by right clicking on it in the playlist, and then 'view file info'. There will be a VERY LONG address starting with 'http:...' and ending with '&from=pls'. Copy this address, go to http://tinyurl.com and make a tiny url (so you'll probably want to do this with a free stream, not a VIP stream, to keep your info secure).

- Go into the radio player on your PSP. Click on the 'presets' link on the main page. Now enter this tiny url address you created. Then save it.

Yes, it's kind of a pain, but it was a fun experiment. I listened to my station ( http://vomitradio.com ... in case you were wondering) for about 5 hours last night through my PSP! Worked like a charm...that is until the next morning, when I tried to launch the saved preset and got the standard 'live365 error' message. I guess it logs out after awhile. I need to experiment more...until then, just repeat the winamp/tinyurl process.

Maybe Live365 could develop a simple 'portal' or mobile page with a simple search and javascript stream launch...it doesn't have to be VIP at first. The normal playlist window chokes my PSP's poor little brain. Remember, there is other life on this cyberplanet other than WM, Blackberry, and the dreaded iPhone.


The Great VomitRadio Ubuntu Linux Experiment (or 'How I Turned Windows Into Wine')

A couple of weeks ago I had finally had it with Windows XP. So I started playing around with Linux again. I had an old version of Fedora Core on my main computer, but I didn't care for it much, plus it didn't want to play nice with my wireless connection. I came across Ubuntu Linux. Yes, I thought it was a silly name too. They had a 'live cd' to try it out without installing (just like Knoppix Linux). So I downloaded it and tried it out. I was impressed, but wanted to try a few more, so I downloaded a newer version of Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Kubuntu, the KDE version of Ubuntu. I hated them all! Plus, Ubuntu connected onto my internet without a hitch (I eventually got it to work with my wireless too).

The reason I had had it with Windows was because of the old laptop I was trying to use as a server for VomitRadio. It worked OK for awhile, but glitchy. I got tired of it and left it to gather dust in my office/studio. I had one of those 'what the fuck' moments and decided to wipe out Windows completely and install Ubuntu on it. For about a week I had fun experimenting with it, but had no luck using it as a Live365 server. Until one day a light bulb popped over my head and a bird chirped in my ear. After I cleaned up the broken light bulb glass and the bird shit off of my shoulder, I tried to install Winamp with the Wine Windows Emulator. It worked! Not perfectly, but it was a start.

I then used Wine to install the Shoutcast plug-in and gave broadcasting live from it a shot. It worked too! Still not perfect, but progress nevertheless. I then stripped out all the extra programs and crap on Ubuntu that I was never going to use, went through the extensive VomitRadio music library and prepared the thousands of tracks, copied them onto the old laptop and continued the experiment.

So far so good. Only a few glitches early on that I seem to have worked out (songs playing fast for some unknown reason, slow computer freezing up, the Comcast connection taking a shit occasionally, etc.).

VomitRadio never sounded better too. Take a listen!