Jan 20, 2009

Over 9 Years On The Air and Now Broadcasting in CD Quality 128K!!

January 1st, 2009 marked the 9-year anniversary of VomitRadio.com, and now you can hear the Live365 stream in CD Quality 128k!

I've been listening to it all day through various earphones and high-end speakers and comparing it to terrestrial radio and satellite radio, and I'm proud to say VomitRadio.com beats them all!

It's still free too (with commercials), but VIP Listeners get it commercial-free!! VIP is cheaper than satellite radio too (plans start as low as $5.95 a month and you get access to thousands of other stations as well as VomitRadio.com, plus you can listen on Windows Mobile, TiVo, XBox360 Live and more!).

There's also a Free 5-day Trial to try it out:


(If you sign up for VIP Membership using the link above, you'll be directly supporting VomitRadio.com, as Live365 will share a portion of your VIP Membership subscription fee with VomitRadio.com. By the way, another way to show your support is to buy a shirt or other swag at http://store.vomitradio.com ).

Thanks for supporting VomitRadio.com for the past 9 years and enjoy the new higher-quality live stream. :-)