Feb 10, 2008

VomitBlog to return here soon.....

For now, the VomitBlog has been resting over on the VomitRadio myspace page. I'm moving it back over to blogger to somewhat seperate it from the radio station..it's own home away from the myspace & music business bullshit.

I'd like to turn it into something more than just about the metal scene or radio. Maybe more political. Maybe more comical. Maybe both. Basically, just a place for me to rant about shit. I'm gonna try to be less lazy about that too.

On the VomitRadio front, new podcasts will feature mostly underground/unsigned bands (and comedy) and the stream will feature more classic metal, punk, industrial, (and, of course, comedy) with some new stuff flavored in. Also, the podcasts will shrink down to 30 minutes each (there's too much Attention Deficit Disorder out there, and will give the bands on the podcast a little more of a spotlight). Download the current ones through iTunes and get 'em while they're up, because they'll get pulled once the new ones are produced. ( http://podcast.vomitradio.com )

As for the time schedule...soon. I'm working on other projects to make money to survive, and this shit frankly doesn't pay the bills. Don't be a cheap fuck and buy a nice VomitRadio.com shirt from http://store.vomitradio.com . It's got a drippy logo on front, and 'Fuck Corporate Radio' on back (of some). And, no, you can't have one for free. I ain't fuckin' Rockerfeller.

Updates to come.....